Player Characters in Mystara

Elganica Overhill
Eggo of the Holy Brotherhood
Norrin the Barbarian
Phlame the Great

Characters – Quasqueton

Erig – Former Captain of the Guard
Marevak – Advisor to Zelligar and Rogahn
Melissa – Mistress to Rogahn
Rogahn the Fearless – Human Fighter of Reknown – Builder of Quasqueton
Zelligar the Unknown – Human Magic-user of Reknown – Builder of Quasqueton

Characters – Keep on the Borderlands

Dane Kaplan – Sergeant of the Guard – Keep on the Borderlands
Feargus Linart – Corporal of the Watch- Keep on the Borderlands
Mortimer Groot – Barkeep – Singing Sword Tavern in the Keep on the Borderlands


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