Mystara, The Known World

Back into the Fray
Session 2

After recovering our health and spells while resting in the hidden storeroom, we headed back into the stronghold. We traveled north and encountered a very puzzling situation. We would enter one room and be instantly teleported to an identical room in another location. It took a while to solve the problem but we were able to with some careful mapping.

We found another room full of implements. We took some items that we might need like rope, tools, etc. and carried them to the storeroom.

We headed back north and encountered a lone troglodyte. We killed it, and boydid it smell.

We traveled east down a long hallway and then came to 3 very similar rooms. They appeared to likely be guest chambers for the complex. We found a silver bracelet worth 80 sp between the bed mattresses in the north chamber. Outside the rooms we encountered 5 kobolds and defeated them without too much trouble.

To the west down a couple of halls and some stairs, we encountered another lone berserker. After defeating the berserker, we soon found the recreation room for the complex. It contained archery targets and several quivers of arrows – which we took, of course. There were iron bars for weight training and a rope suspended from the ceiling. There were some overweight weapons and a couple of battered shields.

After leaving the recreation room, we soon ran into 3 orcs. We gave them some food, and they went on their way. We found another room that was empty. We then headed back to the storeroom to recover our health and spells.

Experience – 82 xp total
Monsters defeated – 74 xp
Phlame – 29 xp
Elganica – 29 xp
Norrin – 14 xp
Pendor – 14 xp

Treasure – 8 gp total
silver bracelet worth 80 sp (8 gp)
several quivers of arrows


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