Mystara, The Known World

That's Greek to Me

Session 4

After recovering our health and spells while resting in the hidden storeroom, we headed back into the stronghold. We went through the door across from the ktichen. Not surprisingly, it wsa the dining room for the complex. There were two large, ornately decorated chairs in the room. Their great beauty is marred by a greenish fungus growing on portions of the walnut wood.

We went through a door on the south end of the dining room and entered what appeared to be a lounge. There just happened to be 2 bandits lounging in the room as we entered. We quickly defeated the bandits. They had 15 gp total on their bodies. A the center of the room is a carved statue, full-size, of a nude human femaie. This statue is obviously of great value, but too heavy to move and anchored to the floor.

We headed north and discovered the wizard’s personal chamber. Three skeletons attacked us after we entereed the room. We defeated them and found a ring of protection +1 inside a locked and trapped drawer in the nightstand. Elganica removed the trap. We also found a pewter pitcher worth 15 gp and 3 pewter mugs worth 5 gp each. We found several items in the magic’s closet including a scroll and 4 books. One book is written in common and outlines the history of the civilized area within 100 miles of the stronghold. Another is written in elvish and appears to be an encyclopedia of various types of plants. One book contains undecipherable runes and markings but it is worth 50 gp. The last work, written in common, discusses weather. There are some cryptic notes written in the margins. We will need to use a read magic spell to read some of the books and determine the contents of the scroll. We thought we had found R&Z’s big treasure when we went into an annex adjoining the wizard’s chamber. However, the treasure that we saw was just an illusion that disappeared when touched.

We finished exploring a maze to the north. Part of the maze was made up a small 10′×10′ rooms with doors on all 4 sides. Next we went back and searched the walls for secret doors in an open area on our map. Luckily, we did find one. We entered what appeared to be the wizard Zelligar’s laboratory. Upon entering we were attacked by a lone zombie. We defeated the zombie and explored the room. There was a large human skeleton hanging from the ceiling in one corner. A smoked glass bottle was on one table. We removed the cork and the gaseous contents immediately issued forth with a whoosh. Norrin was in the clous and immediately began laughing uncontrollably. He did not stop for several minutes.

Adjoining the

Experience – xp total
Monsters defeated – xp
Phlame – xp
Elganica – xp
Norrin – xp
Pendor – xp

Treasure – gp total
15 gp
pewter pitcher worth 15 gp
3 pewter mugs worth 5 gp each (15 gp total)
book worth 50 gp
3 other books of limited value



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