Mystara, The Known World

Keep on the Borderlands - Session 1

An Unexpected Request

The party received a letter at our cottage. The letter was from the leadership of Throckmorton, a small town near to the Borderlands of the Duchy of Karameikos, and near the Keep on the Borderlands. The letter said that the city leaders have learned of this threat from a former acolyte who regrets joining the cult and seeks a way out. They had heard of our exploits at Quasqueton and were calling on us in hopes that our small group can infiltrate the caves and set the fractious tribes against one another so that the army never reaches the city. They said that they had also notified the leadership of the nearby Keep on the Borderlands of the threat. However, the Keep has only a small garrison, and they are also dealing with other threats in the area. As a result, they have not been able to address the threat , in force.

Having no other immenent plans, we decided to take up the offer. We set our affairs in order and travelled as far as we could by coach and then walked the rest of the way with a mule carrying our supplies.

We were met at the gates to the keep and asked our business. Our answer that we were here at the request of the leadership of Throckmorton to help investigate the Cult satisfied them enough to let us in the gate. Inside the gate we were further interviewed by Feargus Linart, the Corporal of the Watch. He said that he would inform the “powers that be” that we would like to meet with the Castellan. Until then, he said that we could stay in the Keep and make use of any needed services. He pointed the way to the stable, tavern, and inn. We asked him about the threat from the caves, and he was aware of different creatures living in different caves.

We put our mule in the stable and then headed to the Singing Sword Tavern. We bought a round of drinks and started up a discussion with the barkeep, Mortimer Groot. After we told him that we were adventurers, he told us that he has heard that there are lizard-men in the marshes near the Keep.

Later, the Sergeant of the Guard, Dane Kaplan, visited the tavern. We shared a few drinks with him and spoke briefly.



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