Mystara, The Known World

Head East

Session 3

After recovering our health and spells while resting in the hidden storeroom, we headed back into the stronghold. We soon came to a very large room that was obviously the armory for the stronghold at one time. Two orcs were around a fire in the southern part of the room. We defeated them and then searched the room. We found a usable flail, dagger, sword, and a quiver of arrows.

Going through a door at the north end of the armory, we entered the barracks where 5 orcs were living. It was a tough fight, but we defeated the orcs. One of the orcs was was using a spear +2. We took the spear and gave it to Norrin for the time being (until we divide up treasure from the stronghold). We then headed back to the storeroom to recover.

Experience – 70 xp total
Monsters defeated – 70 xp
Phlame – 25 xp
Elganica – 25 xp
Norrin – 12 xp
Pendor – 12 xp

Treasure – 0 gp total
spear +2



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