Mystara, The Known World

Keep on the Borderlands - Session 1
An Unexpected Request

The party received a letter at our cottage. The letter was from the leadership of Throckmorton, a small town near to the Borderlands of the Duchy of Karameikos, and near the Keep on the Borderlands. The letter said that the city leaders have learned of this threat from a former acolyte who regrets joining the cult and seeks a way out. They had heard of our exploits at Quasqueton and were calling on us in hopes that our small group can infiltrate the caves and set the fractious tribes against one another so that the army never reaches the city. They said that they had also notified the leadership of the nearby Keep on the Borderlands of the threat. However, the Keep has only a small garrison, and they are also dealing with other threats in the area. As a result, they have not been able to address the threat , in force.

Having no other immenent plans, we decided to take up the offer. We set our affairs in order and travelled as far as we could by coach and then walked the rest of the way with a mule carrying our supplies.

We were met at the gates to the keep and asked our business. Our answer that we were here at the request of the leadership of Throckmorton to help investigate the Cult satisfied them enough to let us in the gate. Inside the gate we were further interviewed by Feargus Linart, the Corporal of the Watch. He said that he would inform the “powers that be” that we would like to meet with the Castellan. Until then, he said that we could stay in the Keep and make use of any needed services. He pointed the way to the stable, tavern, and inn. We asked him about the threat from the caves, and he was aware of different creatures living in different caves.

We put our mule in the stable and then headed to the Singing Sword Tavern. We bought a round of drinks and started up a discussion with the barkeep, Mortimer Groot. After we told him that we were adventurers, he told us that he has heard that there are lizard-men in the marshes near the Keep.

Later, the Sergeant of the Guard, Dane Kaplan, visited the tavern. We shared a few drinks with him and spoke briefly.

In Search of the Unknown - Session I
The Adventure Begins!

Phlame the Great, a human mage and Elganica Overhill, a halfling bard, met in the village to find out more information about the complex identified on the crude map that came into their possesion recently, purchase equipment, and find additional adventurers to provide assistance during the adventure. Three additional adventurers joined the party:

Norrin the Barbarian – Human barbarian
Pendor – Halfling rogue
Eggo of the Holy Brotherhood – Human cleric

We traveled to “Q” and were able to locate it using our map. A cave-like opening, somewhat obscured by vegetation, was found at the end of a treacherous pathway leading up to the craggy outcropping of black rock. By sweeping aside some of the vines and branches, we were able to access the opening. The door was recessed back into the corridor. The door was open and there was evidence that it had previously been forced open.

Past the door were 3 sets of alcoves in a long hallway. Magic mouths appeared in the third pair of alcoves and the first said “Who dares enter this place and intrude upon the sanctuary of its inhabitants?”. The second replied “Only a group of foolhardy explorers doomed to certain death!” Both mouths then shouted “Woe to any who pass this place — the wrath of Zelligar and Rogahn will be upon them!” before disappearing. They reappeared on later visits, as well.

Past the third pair of alcoves, we discovered the remains of five combatants. Three appeared to be adventurers and two were guards. The three adventurers were a human fighter, a human magic-user, and a dwarf fighter. The human fighter had a pouch containing 5 gp. The magic-user had a gold ring worth 10 gp, a purse containing 2 gp, a pouch full of garlic buds, and a carving containing the word “Quasqueton”. Could this be what “Q” stands for? The other bodies did not have anything of value.

We traveled southeast and then east and came to a dead end in a long corridor. We searched for secret doors and found one. We entered the chamber and searched it. Tapestries covered each of the 4 walls, each containing a picture of a warrior at a memorable point in his life. The tapestires looked valuable but were too bulky to try to remove. We found a crystal goblet worth 15 gp and engraved with the word “Quasqueton”.

We found another couple of secret doors at the south of the room. We cracked opene the westernmost, and Pendor snuck into the room. He peered out from behind drapes covering the door and saw two large chairs/thrones nearby. There were also two lit braziers on each side of the thrones. Behind the thrones were 4 hobgoblins eating a cave rat that they had roasted. Pendor attempted a sneak attack on one hobgoblin and killed it with one blow. Norrin raged and charged into the fray. Phlame moved into position and cast thunderwave wounding two. One hobgoblin hit Phlame. However, Norrin, Pendor, and Elganinca quickly killed one each. Phlame killed the last with a shocking grasp.

We traveled back through the secret door to determine what was behind the other secret door. We opened the eastern secret door and entered a 40-ft long, 10-ft wide corridor. At the dead end we found another secret door.

On the other side of the door was the chamber of a woman of obvious refinement. A tapestry on the wall contained the words " Melissa, the most dearly wond and greatest of all my treasures". Phlame was able to recall that Melissa was the name of Rogahn’s mistress that lived in the stronghold. We found a silver mirror, a silver comb and a single gp sitting in a tortoise-shell dish.

We searched a nearby storage room and found nothing of value. Traveling down a long winding corridor, the party then ended up back at the throne room. We took a corridor to the southeast and came to a door with a leather skin covering. It was studded with circular bits of brass which formed the word “Erig”. Phlame recalled that Erig was the captain of the guard at the stronghold. Inspection of the chest showed that it contained some old clothes and objects of no value. Inside a leather pouch was a plaque with the words " To Erig , great and trusted fighter by my side, and captain of the guard at Quasqueton – against all foes we shall prevail!" Phlame noticed that the bottom of the chest was higher than it should have been and found a secret compartment in the bottom of the chest. The secret comprartment contained many coins (840 cp, 290 sp, 120 ep, and 25 gp). In addition, 5 gp was in the crock, and we took the plaque that was worth 25 gp.

Backtracking to the northeast and then the northwest, our group came to another door. Elganica listened at the door and heard voices. She could tell that they were speaking goblin. We entered and five goblins were inside the room. They were not immediately agressive. Elganica acted as our spokesperson / interpreter.

Experience – 140 xp total
Monsters defeated or successfully dealt with – 140 xp
Phlame – 28 xp
Elganica – 28 xp
Norrin – 28 xp
Pendor – 28 xp
Eggo – 28 xp

Treasure – 171 gp total
33 gp
120 ep
318 sp
840 cp
gold ring worth 10 gp
crystal goblet worth 15 gp
silver comb worth 5 gp
silver mirror worth 90 gp
tapestry worth 40 gp
crock worth 5 gp
plaque worth 25 gp

That's Greek to Me
Session 4

After recovering our health and spells while resting in the hidden storeroom, we headed back into the stronghold. We went through the door across from the ktichen. Not surprisingly, it wsa the dining room for the complex. There were two large, ornately decorated chairs in the room. Their great beauty is marred by a greenish fungus growing on portions of the walnut wood.

We went through a door on the south end of the dining room and entered what appeared to be a lounge. There just happened to be 2 bandits lounging in the room as we entered. We quickly defeated the bandits. They had 15 gp total on their bodies. A the center of the room is a carved statue, full-size, of a nude human femaie. This statue is obviously of great value, but too heavy to move and anchored to the floor.

We headed north and discovered the wizard’s personal chamber. Three skeletons attacked us after we entereed the room. We defeated them and found a ring of protection +1 inside a locked and trapped drawer in the nightstand. Elganica removed the trap. We also found a pewter pitcher worth 15 gp and 3 pewter mugs worth 5 gp each. We found several items in the magic’s closet including a scroll and 4 books. One book is written in common and outlines the history of the civilized area within 100 miles of the stronghold. Another is written in elvish and appears to be an encyclopedia of various types of plants. One book contains undecipherable runes and markings but it is worth 50 gp. The last work, written in common, discusses weather. There are some cryptic notes written in the margins. We will need to use a read magic spell to read some of the books and determine the contents of the scroll. We thought we had found R&Z’s big treasure when we went into an annex adjoining the wizard’s chamber. However, the treasure that we saw was just an illusion that disappeared when touched.

We finished exploring a maze to the north. Part of the maze was made up a small 10′×10′ rooms with doors on all 4 sides. Next we went back and searched the walls for secret doors in an open area on our map. Luckily, we did find one. We entered what appeared to be the wizard Zelligar’s laboratory. Upon entering we were attacked by a lone zombie. We defeated the zombie and explored the room. There was a large human skeleton hanging from the ceiling in one corner. A smoked glass bottle was on one table. We removed the cork and the gaseous contents immediately issued forth with a whoosh. Norrin was in the clous and immediately began laughing uncontrollably. He did not stop for several minutes.

Adjoining the

Experience – xp total
Monsters defeated – xp
Phlame – xp
Elganica – xp
Norrin – xp
Pendor – xp

Treasure – gp total
15 gp
pewter pitcher worth 15 gp
3 pewter mugs worth 5 gp each (15 gp total)
book worth 50 gp
3 other books of limited value

Head East
Session 3

After recovering our health and spells while resting in the hidden storeroom, we headed back into the stronghold. We soon came to a very large room that was obviously the armory for the stronghold at one time. Two orcs were around a fire in the southern part of the room. We defeated them and then searched the room. We found a usable flail, dagger, sword, and a quiver of arrows.

Going through a door at the north end of the armory, we entered the barracks where 5 orcs were living. It was a tough fight, but we defeated the orcs. One of the orcs was was using a spear +2. We took the spear and gave it to Norrin for the time being (until we divide up treasure from the stronghold). We then headed back to the storeroom to recover.

Experience – 70 xp total
Monsters defeated – 70 xp
Phlame – 25 xp
Elganica – 25 xp
Norrin – 12 xp
Pendor – 12 xp

Treasure – 0 gp total
spear +2

Back into the Fray
Session 2

After recovering our health and spells while resting in the hidden storeroom, we headed back into the stronghold. We traveled north and encountered a very puzzling situation. We would enter one room and be instantly teleported to an identical room in another location. It took a while to solve the problem but we were able to with some careful mapping.

We found another room full of implements. We took some items that we might need like rope, tools, etc. and carried them to the storeroom.

We headed back north and encountered a lone troglodyte. We killed it, and boydid it smell.

We traveled east down a long hallway and then came to 3 very similar rooms. They appeared to likely be guest chambers for the complex. We found a silver bracelet worth 80 sp between the bed mattresses in the north chamber. Outside the rooms we encountered 5 kobolds and defeated them without too much trouble.

To the west down a couple of halls and some stairs, we encountered another lone berserker. After defeating the berserker, we soon found the recreation room for the complex. It contained archery targets and several quivers of arrows – which we took, of course. There were iron bars for weight training and a rope suspended from the ceiling. There were some overweight weapons and a couple of battered shields.

After leaving the recreation room, we soon ran into 3 orcs. We gave them some food, and they went on their way. We found another room that was empty. We then headed back to the storeroom to recover our health and spells.

Experience – 82 xp total
Monsters defeated – 74 xp
Phlame – 29 xp
Elganica – 29 xp
Norrin – 14 xp
Pendor – 14 xp

Treasure – 8 gp total
silver bracelet worth 80 sp (8 gp)
several quivers of arrows


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